EduCare Foundation

In 1998, I had the great fortune of meeting Stu Semigran—co-founder and president of the extraordinary educational non-profit known as EduCare. The Foundation’s name stands for “caring education,” a fitting appellation derived from the word’s Latin meaning, “to draw forth from within.” As Stu shared about EduCare’s programs and mission, I was immediately drawn to the heart-centered nature of the organization and deeply touched by their work with underserved youth from all over the world.

EduCare acknowledges the importance of teaching the “whole child” and responds to the needs of young people who are dealing with incredible life challenges, unstable environments, and severely limited opportunities. For many of these youth, EduCare becomes a second family and home—a safe haven when there is nowhere else to turn—offering positive alternatives to gang involvement, substance abuse, and crime.

I knew I wanted to be involved… to be part of an organization that is responsible for inspiring tremendous transformations in the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children.

Today, I am honored to say that I serve as an Advisor to EduCare and the amazing work they do to empower kids, develop leaders, and build brighter futures.